Are you Okay?

Are you Okay?

You look a bit peaky today,

Are you sure you are Okay?

You look more tired than yesterday.


Are you alright?

The question makes my windpipe tight,

Are you sure you are alright?

If you stop asking that question, I just might.


Have you slept at all, my dear?

Not last night. Not for years.

Try harder to sleep tonight, my dear.

But with all of these voices, sleep is lost, I fear.


Are you crying again?

I see only pity in the face of this friend.

Why are you crying again?

I fear I have passed the point at which I could mend.


You look awful, sweetheart.

I know, mine is a lonely path.

You are wasting away sweetheart,

Oh, please. Please, don’t you start


I am the science experiment, not meant to survive

Perhaps this is the reason that I long to die.

Pain took my passion, my love and my life

Leaving a tornado of anger inside


So, please, no. I am not Okay

Please do not ask me again today

I know you want me to be Okay

I don’t want to lie, but I must for today


I will be Okay.


Word by UntanglingT


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