Welcome to my Blog. I am UntanglingT,

Before you will unfold a few ramblings and some poetry,

Little insights into my life, my heart and my mind,

I hope it helps you to Have Courage & Be Kind.


An introduction I feel is required,

To help you accept why I am so tired.

If I can help you understand the label “Chronically ill”,

Perhaps you’ll have some empathy as I climb these steep hills.


“She’s a Porphyria Patient?” The Doctors queried,

They googled my condition and I became more weary.

Am I in safe hands? Can they comprehend the severity

Of the symptoms that occur with such irregularity?


A few years down the line,

And the Doctors changed their minds

“The Porphyria’s inactive. Something else causes her pain.

Is it psychosomatic?” Oh no. They think I’m insane.


I went through more tests, and eventually,

Discovered Endometriosis. My step-sister had diagnosed me.

Back to the doctor to book another scan

To see a specialist who had experienced it first-hand.


After years of living in pain, I thought I had some control

But out of the blue, I hit the deck. I was out cold.

Back to the Doctor who looked worriedly at me,

And said urgently, “I’m fast-tracking you to Cardiology”


More tests. I look down. There are so many wires,

“What does this one do?” I heard myself enquire,

He did not answer, I look up to see a strange look on his face,

“A low resting heart rate, but extra beats” he says, amazed.


Many more months and a few more tests, but eventually,

Diagnosis! Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy.

Over a decade has passed since I received

My first Chronic diagnosis, of which there are three.


Now here I am, well into my recovery,

Adjustments a plenty so I don’t set off my ICD.

Thank you taking the time to join my journey,

Upon which we will be



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