It does not matter 

It does not matter what brought me here,

Nor do the thoughts that make me want to disappear.

All that matters is here I stand,

No matter where this story began,

You need only patience to silence my fears

Please look and listen closely my darling, my dear.

It does not matter how I came to become,

What has been cannot be undone,

My heart on my sleeve, my face does not lie,

At times I feel lost, too frightened to try.

I no longer feel the warmth of the Sun,

Darkness covers all. The light is gone.

It does not matter whatever I do,

Repeated mistakes or another debut,

You have only pity for me in your eyes,

You try to conceal it, but I see through your disguise.

You no longer care for my point of view,

It will never be good enough for you

It does not matter why I choose to hide,

You think me rude if I choose not to reply,

Perhaps fear of being rejected again,

Or fear of not knowing if I am able to change.

I appear only cold from the outside.

With everyone, I continue to collide.

It does not matter what I needed to say,

You think my outlook too negative, too grave.

You cut me short, unwilling to listen,

Every time my eyes continue to glisten,

With tears of sorrow and anger every day.

I wish you would take the pain away.


It does not matter what could, should or would.

Can I find it inside me again, the good?

You get what you are given, not always deserved

I once had courage. I find a little nerve,

A fleeting moment, maybe I could.

Alas, once again, I misunderstood.


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