Some days

Some days the sunrise brightens my mood,

I awake feeling fresh and renewed.

Other days I wish I hadn’t woken,

My head filled with angry words spoken,

My point of view is rather skewed


Some days a storm eases my pain,

I can dance in the thunder and rain.

Other days it darkens my spirit,

Getting out of bed is my about limit,

Everything else is just a drain.


Some days the sunset warms my heart,

Other days it leaves me cold, needing to depart

Sadness crushes me as I cannot achieve,

Anything I want to, or so desperately need.

And I find myself back at the start.


Some days the stars speak to my soul,

“Shine on and shine bright little doll”

Other days I cannot see them at all,

They have gone, along with my smile they stole

I wish I was Alice so I could disappear down a rabbit hole
Some days the wind makes me smile,

Making me laugh at my wind-swept style

Other days it switches my outlook in a second,

But happiness still beckons,

If only for a little while.


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