2016, “The Year of the W’s”At times the Worst, but often Wonderful.

A lot of time Wasted, but more time Worthwhile.

At times it was Woeful, but I am learning to overcome my Weaknesses.

Although I feel Weary & at times I Withdraw, I will embrace my Whimsical, my Weirdness.

I learnt to understand my Whole-Wellbeing, my limits and found Wisdom in my mistakes.

So I begin 2017 with a Wish for you & I. 

To keep going. To keep Healing. Naturally. To embrace the Gifts of The Earth. Of Life. Of Love. To Share. To Teach. To keep making mistakes as it will mean we have embraced opportunities no matter how small or scary, so we can continue to Grow. To Learn. To find the Warrior Within. And lastly, I hope you have Courage & that you can be Kind to all you meet. Because you are Worth it 💞
Thanks 2016. You Broke me. You Almost Beat me. But I Survived. And I smiled ✌️️


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